134 Edmund Street

Miller Construction

134 Edmund Street is a 10 storey office building with an 8 storey internal glass atrium in the centre of the structure. Scaffolding had been removed from within the internal atrium and this resulted in safe access problems, as a number of tasks needed completing.

Rope Task technicians carried out the following tasks using rope access techniques, without the use of conventional scaffold access:

  • Removal and replacement of cracked glazing sheets weighing over 100kg, without the use of mechanical lifting machinery. As the space within the atrium was limited, technicians used rigging, pulley and lifting skills combined with rope access equipment, to remove and lower glazing sheets and then haul and replace new glazing, all at an height of 35 metres.
  • Replacement of cladding sheets to atrium walls
  • Mastic pointing between cladding and glazing
  • High level clean downs using rope access
  • Window cleaning using rope access
  • Installation of cladding panels, in confined space, using rope access
  • Installation of fixed safety ladders and fall arrest safety lines, to rooftop.