February 16, 2020


After the strong winds brought on by Storm Doris last week Rope Task have been busy working at height to safely remove loose materials that have been left over from the storm. Accessing high rise buildings and structures presents its own unique problems, add to this loose materials hanging from buildings and you have the high risk of endangering workers and the general public.
Rope Task were originally brought into a factory unit in the West Midlands several years ago and installed protective roof netting, after a risk assessment highlighted the dangers that could arise from roof skylights that had been installed several decades ago. Rope access and work at height techniques were used to install 3000sqm of protective netting, above workers fabricating and welding below.

During the storm the high winds caused three sections of skylights to fall from the factory unit roof 25m above workers, this was all contained in our pre-installed safety nets. Thanks to the original awareness of the risk, carrying out a detailed risk assessment and the installation of safety nets the task today was only clearing the nets of glazing debris and nothing more serious. 


It highlights the need for regular inspections of buildings especially difficult access areas that could be ignored or forgotten about. This is Rope Task’s speciality, we can easily access many difficult areas and seemingly impossible to reach locations on buildings and structures without the need and costs involved with traditional access such as scaffolding systems.