February 25, 2020


Rope Task undertake independent condition surveys of cladding systems on all types of commercial, industrial, public and residential buildings.
Inspections must be carried out by skilled, experienced and qualified professionals, add to this our experience of professional rope access and our customers benefit from safe, economical and swift gathering of accurate information regarding their external cladding system.
Many cladding systems are available on the market. Key to accurately surveying building facades is firstly to review O&M manuals, construction drawings and other related documents for the exact process and procedures that have been used for cladding installation. By using our rope access survey methods, cladding can be removed in remote locations and the construction of the system can be exposed to produce detailed written and photographic reports, without the need for costly and intrusive scaffolding systems or powered access machines.
When cladding systems fail they can be the cause of water leaks and damp building up inside of the property and present dangers not only from loose materials, that can fall from height but also to building residents if the correct installation of fire breaks and insulation has not been followed.
Using IRATA ropeaccess qualified technicians we can safely remove areas of cladding to identify the following aspects that are critical to external cladding systems:
  • General fixing detail and defects
  • Loose cladding panels, potential materials falling from height
  • Fast and efficient sample collecting
  • Using O&M manuals, construction drawings and other related documents confirm whether the system has been correctly installed, and identify workmanship defects and determine whether the installation meets the design specification and applicable building regulations
  • Examine for the presence and construction of firestops
  •  Identify and record oxidisation, corrosion and fixing detail of cladding anchor rails
  • Examine cladding insulation taking samples if required
  • Perform intrusive inspection to reveal cladding system internal structure details and defects
A Report and schedule of defects are produced that allows our clients to decide on the correct remedial actions that are required to correct any problematic defects. Remedial works such as temporarily securing loose materials at height can be quickly carried out using our specialist rope access technicians, but when large scale removal and installation of the cladding system is required we partner with a specialist façade consultancy who review our reports and can advise on long term and permanent solutions.
 Examples of the faults that have been found recently on exterior cladding inspections 

Missing glazing unit

Arson attack Inspection

Failed rivet fixings

Failed fixings & loose cladding

Failed aluminium cladding