essential protection for the general public

Safety at height solutions are essential for the protection of the general public and your workforce.

Without proper fall protection, companies and individuals will not be complying with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 or The Work at Height Regulations 2005.

essential protection for the general public

Safety at height solutions are essential for the protection of the general public and your workforce.

Without proper fall protection, companies and individuals will not be complying with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 or The Work at Height Regulations 2005.


Essential is the correct choice of equipment designed to protect people against the risk of falls from height. Collective control measures such as fixed handrails, temporary or folding barriers can be supplied, single point anchor points, restraint lanyards, horizontal safety lines, roof anchors and fixed access ladders are all solutions that Rope Task supply and install, equipment specifically designed to prevent falls and minimise fall hazards during rooftop access.

Height safety audits of your premises are carried out and then solutions are presented to the client that will offer a safe workplace and risk free work at height area for people to access and work in. Rope Task will then install, test and certify that all installed equipment meets the manufacturers installation guidelines and all EN standards.

Rope Task can also supply and install temporary leading edge protection for construction sites to protect workers who have to access the edge of floor slabs during the construction phase, such as curtain wall installers and glazing fixers.

Training in the use of height safety equipment and essential rescue from height of a fallen worker is also essential for persons working at height. Our director Haydn Gamble has over 18 years experience of working at height, including many years of rescue from height experience that allows him to offer you on site fall protection essential training.

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Fall Protection Awareness

Use of Fall Arrest Harness & Lanyards

Use of Installed Fall Protection Equipment

On Site Rescue

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The Safety Solution for Engineered Lifelines

A wire based lifeline system providing fall arrest / restraint protection when working at height.


KEELINE Fall Protection System


The KEELINE lifeline system provides fall arrest / restraint protection where guardrails are not suitable or where planning considerations require a virtually invisible fall protection solution. A wire based horizontal lifeline system offers a flexible, cost-effective solution for protecting workers from falling at height.


KEELINE provides complete and continual “handsfree” protection for up to three users when used as a fall arrest system.




The KEELINE system is fully compliant with the requirements of EN 795:2012, CEN TS 16415:2013, ANSI Z359 and CSA Z259, and has undergone extensive testing in different roof types, with full third party approval. Testing in roof structure was witnessed by Decra.


KEELINE Lifeline System


The KEELINE horizontal lifeline is designed to provide safe access to any area of a roof by allowing workers to be permanently attached to the line at all times and be able to freely move around the roof surface. The KEELINE system utilises 8mm grade 316 stainless steel wire and allows spans of up to 12m between posts.


The system is designed so that the traveller which connects the user to the systems simply glides over brackets, overcoming the need to detach from the lifeline.


KEELINE also incorporates PAS (Progressive Absorbing System). If the user falls, the shock absorbers, intermediate brackets and support posts will deploy and deform so that the loadings applied to the building’s structure is below 10Kn.


Solution for All Types of Roofs


The KEELINE system has been tested and can be installed on a variety of roof types e.g. bitumen membrane roofs, standing seam and metal profile roofs using either "top fix" anchors or a "through fix" anchor where fixing to the main building structure is preferred.


The KEELINE horizontal lifeline can be installed to any steel cladding panel, beam/column structure, solid parapet walls and flat roofs via a support post. When a lifeline system cannot be fixed through the roof’s structure, a free standing fall arrest / restraint system can be provided using our KEE ANCHOR roof anchors.  A series of deadweight anchors can be linked at approximately 10m centres via the KEELINE horizontal restraint line.


KEELINE is available for mounting directly to concrete, steel, brick and stonework in either horizontal or overhead applications.


Features of the KEELINE Lifeline System


Personal fall protection system designed for roof installation and horizontal or overhead applications

Tested on multiple roof types

Maximum span between posts 12m

Traveller can pass the whole length of the system without having to be detached at any point

Open style, low posts suit metal profile and standing seam roofs

Specific membrane roof base plate and posts allow simple wreathing installation

Galvanised mild steel or stainless steel parts

Base plates allow multiple fixing options

Conforms to EN 795 2012


Benefits of the KEELINE Lifeline System


Proven fall protection system meeting all current legislative requirements

Safety assurance that the lifeline system is fully functional on all approved surfaces

Minimises the number of posts and roof fixings required

The user is always connected to the system

Posts designed to deploy and deform in event of a fall, minimising the load being applied to the building to below 10Kn

Saves installation time and reduces project costs

Long term corrosion resistance


Rigid Rail Fall Protection System


Falls from a height remain the leading cause of fatal accidents and serious injuries in the workplace. One of the primary culprits is a lack of suitable safety and personal protective equipment. The Kee Track Fall Protection System (Kee Track) is a rigid rail overhead track system. It offers the safety of short fall arrest distances with the ease, economy and flexibility of modular installation.


Unlike other fall arrest systems, Kee Track is designed for an easier and speedier installation. Your system can be specified through simple on-site measurements, and constructed with our off-the-shelf components. You’ll be safely up and running with the least interruption to your schedule.


Rigid rail systems are less susceptible to degradation and need less maintenance than other systems. This saves money by reducing downtime and interruptions. What’s more, the simplicity of Kee Track allows for full safety compliance with minimal training, ensuring productivity and safety are kept to a maximum.


The Kee Track system’s rigid track stops a fall with a shorter drop. This reduces the chance of worker injury and damage to sensitive equipment. The system also eliminates the pendulum effect that can tug at other workers on the system and cause further damage or injury.


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