Rope Access Stadium Work

West Bromwich Albion

The use of rope access and aid climbing techniques is a safe system of work that can be deployed quickly with little interruption to the running of the stadium. We have installed lighting, sound systems, advertising media, banners and signage to high level and difficult to access areas in these stadiums. We have also completed maintenance to high level LED screens and paint systems to steelwork within stadiums.

Due to the construction of stadium, reaching high level areas is straightforward using the steel structure within the stands. We then use technical rope access and industrial climbing techniques to access the required location. Using these techniques is a cost saving solution to stadium owners.


Since 1998 Rope Task have been experts in the use of Industrial rope access techniques. Through education, standards and certification we always provide the safest solution to work at height problems.


Risk management is key in rope access, our teams are provided with site specific risk assessment and safe systems of work that are written by rope access managers with over 20 year’s experience of planning and executing work at heigh operations and specialist rope access tasks.